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Welcome to my New Blog!!!!!!

Welcome To Naturally Blessed Mama! - Hey there! The NBM Blog Is Up And Running! { } Hi, everybody!!! It’s me just talking about how to eat and live healthy. My goal for this blog is to help you in your journey to better health. It has always been a hobby of mine to discover better ways to live that is closer to nature and how God intended it . It’s so exciting to find something that will help my husband and kids not only feel better but will boost their immune system as well. I enjoy the challenge of seeing how much our family can save. We have learned to make many household cleaners and detergents that would otherwise overtax our budget if we had to buy them. These household items can be made inexpensively as well as allergen-friendly. This last year, I also began gardening. I have found that gardening is a wonderful way to relief stress. It seems crazy that having your hands in dirt would help anyone relax but it really works. My mission is to present alternative ideas to encourage a healthier you.  

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