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DIY: Hair Detangler Plus Conditioner

 DIY: Hair Detangler Plus Conditioner - Try this homemade version of detangler! { }

A couple days ago, I looked at my fluffy hair and wondered if there was any type of recipe for a natural conditioner or detangler that would soften and smooth it. I immediately got on the computer and tried searching on Pinterest and Google. No luck. Nothing looked like it would work for my hair type. Finally, I got tired of searching. I decided I was going to make my own. I mixed a couple ingredients together in a spray bottle, sprayed it on and, to my surprise, it worked! The spray tamed my fluffy hair. This Detangler Plus Conditioner made my hair soft and smooth. I'm still having a bit of trouble with the split ends, but my hair looks so much better! So without further ado:

[yumprint-recipe id='5']

What do you use for your hair?

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