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Simple Homemade Slushies!

 Simple Homemade Slushie - Super healthy and only 2 ingredients! - { }

During the summer it gets really hot - like cooking eggs on the sidewalk hot. Even during the spring its really hot. So every time one of those really hot days stops by I thirst for something cool to slurp on and I think about those Sonic slushies. You know those yummy, delicious slushies that you just have to have during the hot summer, after a long walk, for lunch, or even just for fun? Well it's been a couple years since I have started on the natural path and since then I have found out that those slushies are loaded with yucky flavorings, colorings and preservatives that are just not good for you. So I have been trying to find a natural and yummy solution. And guess what, I found it! My whole family loves them. And all you have to do is get some of your favorite fruit juice and pour it over some ice. Well, what are you just sitting there for? Get up and make some!

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  1. I love homemade slushies, only problem is, it's not summer here yet. :) Will definitely be making these as soon as it gets hot.

  2. Yep, slushies are awesome. Especially the homemade ones. Thanks for commenting!