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This Month's Azure Pickup


 This Month's Azure Pickup - Our first Azure Pickup is on the blog! { }

You might be wondering, what in the world is Azure Standard? Well, put simply Azure Standard is an online store, containing most everything you would want from a regular store. Except most of the things they sell are organic, unlike Walmart or Kroger. You pick up your Azure order at a drop off point in your area on a monthly basis. I have joined the Azure facebook group for my area, they post and tell if they will be running late and when the drop off time will be. We have made our Simple Chicken Seasoning using their Parsley Flakes. The items might be a little pricey, but looking at how much healthy foods cost in Walmart, Kroger, or on Amazon they are quite a bit cheaper. And we like cheaper. We order spices, frozen fruit, and Pamelas bread mix almost every order. They always have the Sales and the Bargain Bin open, and if you don't like to use the internet that much you can always order the Catalog, but be warned the catalog is a bit overwhelming. Well, would you like to see what we received this pickup? Follow me..



This Month's Azure Pickup - Our first Azure Pickup is on the blog! { }


1 Bag Pamelas Bread Mix 4 lbs. $11.95 (This is the cheapest I have found in my area.)

2 Boxes Vita Spelt Shells, Organic 10 ozs. each $2.70 each

1 Jar Sweet Creek Foods Paul's Dill Pickles Organic 24 ozs. $5.30 (These are the only gluten-free pickles I have found.)

3 Bags Fresh Produce Apples, Red Delicious Organic 3 lbs. each $3.95 each

1 Bag Azure Farm Pepper, Ground Black, Organic 4 ozs. $2.70

1 Bag Azure Standard Lemon Pepper 1 lb. $5.90

1 Bag Azure Farm Cilantro, Flakes, Organic 4 ozs. $6.00


 This Month's Azure Pickup - Our first Azure Pickup is on the blog! { }



1 Bag Bulk Sweet Corn, Frozen, Organic 5 lbs. $10.15

1 Bag Bulk Green Beans, Frozen, Organic 5 lbs. $10.05

3 Bags Stahlbush Island Sweet Potatoes, Diced 3 x 10 ozs. $5.60 all together


Do you order from Azure? What's your favorite product?

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