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Colloidal Silver - Cures Pink Eye For Dogs

Colloidal Silver – Cures Pink Eye For Dogs { }

Guess what I found out? I just found out that Colloidal Silver actually gets rid of Pink Eye for animals. Both of our dog's eyes were red and inflamed. I felt so sorry for him!!! There was a lot of mucus discharge. He did not even want to open his eyes; He would just lie around and sleep most of the day.


Colloidal Silver – Cures Pink Eye For Dogs { }

At that point, I decided I better do something quick! So I soaked a cotton ball in Colloidal Silver. I started massaging both eyes. By gently opening the eye while massaging it, I was able to get a few drops into the eye itself. I did this several times a day.


Colloidal Silver – Cures Pink Eye For Dogs { }

By the second day, our dog "Cricket" was opening his eyes and even playing ball with the kids. He was completely back to normal after about four days of using the Colloidal Silver.  So now every time our dog has too much discharge or his eyes even look a little red, I just message his eyes with silver and he is fine.


Colloidal Silver – Cures Pink Eye For Dogs { }Cricket actually loves to drink silver as well. I give him about a teaspoon of silver (twice a day) if I think he might have Pink Eye. 

I found this to be the most economical way of treating Pink Eye since it is pretty easy to make Colloidal Silver. We are almost out of Silver so I will be posting those instructions soon. It is such a great feeling to know your pet is feeling better without ever having to visit a veterinarian. And plus it saves the family a lot of money. So have fun helping your pet!!!


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  1. Interesting! What a cute little pup you have. I know you can buy colloidal silver in health food stores but didn't know you could actually make your own!

  2. Thanks! I am working on a post right now for homemade Colloidal Silver.

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