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Mouth-Watering Venison Steaks - Gluten free & Dairy Free



Do you ever just crave a juicy, tender steak - I mean one that just melts in your mouth? It is so scrumptious!!! It's like heaven on a plate!!!!

Every couple of years my husband goes hunting he does he brings back these delectable venison steaks and roasts. They are so tender! These are no comparison to the steaks you buy in the store. The closest I can think of are the Filet Mignon steaks - but these are even better!!! 

So I pulled a few steaks out of the freezer and decided to start the whole process of getting them ready to cook. But - I had one problem. What was I suppose to do about making them gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free? Oh, boy. And I didn't want to mess them up. These steaks are too precious!!!


The first thing to do is to defrost the steaks - preferably in the fridge. This could take a while - like overnight. It's totally up to you if you want to use the microwave for defrosting but I don't suggest it. 

Next day, I pull the steaks out of the fridge and wash them off. After placing them in a stainless steel bowl, I pour enough cashew milk over the pieces to cover almost all the meat. Sometimes I use coconut milk depending what I have on hand. You will want to stir the meat around so the milk goes all through it soaking every part. Cover this bowl and place back in the fridge for several hours. This takes away the wild taste making it even taste better.

venison steak 2 finished

Once the meat has soaked for several hours, I mix together the breading in a flat-bottomed dish. I use a cup of gluten-free flour blend mixed with a cup of almond flour. Oh, and don't forget a little Himalayan salt and Black Pepper!! The gluten-free flour blend is the "glue" and the almond flour is the "crunch."  These two are the perfect combination.  Always remember to press the breading into the steak so it will stick better. It will flatten the steak a little but that's not a problem.  You will want to flour only a few steaks at a time. Gluten-free flour is very delicate and becomes sticky and "guncky" very fast so I bread just enough to put in the skillet or just a little bit extra.

venison steaks gf finishedNow is the time to start heating up your oil. I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It seems to fry up really well. You will want to heat the oil at a medium low - a 2 or a 3 on my dial. Be careful!!! Olive Oil will catch flame faster than regular oil so DON'T leave the kitchen. Also, you only need about a half of an inch. You want enough where the steaks won't scorch but not too much to waste the oil. Let them fry at a medium-low heat for about  5 to 7 minutes per side. When working with gluten-free flour, always use a very thin, metal spatula to flip the steaks. Otherwise, the flour will try to fall off. And I don't recommend using a non-stick skillet unless it is ceramic and dedicated for only gluten-free cooking. 

After the steaks have fried for a few minutes gently drain them on a paper towel.  Our kids love to walk by and grab a steak even before I can get them on the plates. So be careful or they will completely disappear before you have a chance to even taste them!!! hehe  Enjoy!!!!


How did you like the recipe? 

Do you like venison?  


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  1. HI Rebekah,
    I grew up on venison and wild game. Your recipe for venison steak sounds delicious. Nothing is more real food or organic food than wild game. Thanks for sharing on Real Food Fridays. Pinned & tweeted!

  2. This looks so delicious! Thanks for linking up with Let's Get Real.

  3. My neighbor used to hunt and share his venison with my family which my mother would cook and serve to us as children. I have not had venison since then.
    I am delighted that you shared your gluten free recipe with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I'm Pinning and sharing this!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing!! I am so glad this brought back childhood memories. That's so neat! Our family loves this recipe so I hope you get to try it soon. Have a wonderful day!