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Celiac-Friendly Alternatives - No Petroleum!!!



Does Chap-Stick really affect Celiacs? Yes, it sounds crazy but it happened. Why was our daughter feeling so bad? Could it actually be something as simple as Chap-Stick?


Our family was on a vacation in New Mexico and I had taken away every allergenic food that our daughter could possibly have. She still was having terrible stomach cramps and horrible intestinal issues. Her whole digestive tract was a mess!! I couldn't figure out what was wrong!!

Several months later, my wonderful husband came home and mentioned that one of his customers talked with him about how people with Celiac are highly allergic to petroleum and petroleum-based products. Seriously? Everything contains petroleum - well, not quite - but almost!!!

So, the researcher that I am started looking into this possible connection. And, guess what? I found that it is definitely a valid concern. 

I immediately had our daughter to stop using Chap-Stick and then I systematically went through every product she had been using on her skin within the last several months. I found that most of her lotions, her lip balms, and even her shampoos contained ingredients that were derived from petroleum.  

But why does a Celiac not want to use petroleum-based products? Petroleum or Petrolatum is a by-product the comes from making gasoline. Of course, if you are ingesting a chemical coming from gasoline - it would definitely mess up your digestive tract and then continue the "domino- effect" throughout the body. If someone has IBS, it would probably give them stomach cramps and diarrhea. If a person has Celiac, one of the body's first reactions would be to give out an immune response since this is actually an attack on the body. It could affect the body immediately or it could take up to 72 hours. Sometimes it takes several days for our daughter's body to react. And since some patients are very resilient, it is not unusual for it takes a while for the toxin to build up in their systems. 

Why would we put something in our bodies that would just make us suffer later? 

We switched to using Castile soap, natural dish soap, and a more natural deodorant since they do not contain petroleum-based ingredients.


Here is a short list of foods/products I have found that contain ingredients that are derived from petroleum:

Lip Balms (We had to start buying healthier lip balms with organic ingredients. The Doterra brand is great too if you aren't allergic to Sesame Seed Oil.)

Hand/Body Lotions (Sorry, but no more Bath & Body Works even though I love their scents. These lotions work so much better with no allergic reactions.)

Shampoos (Yes, I said shampoos. For this reason, we switched to castile soap combined with coconut milk. It's amazing!! You can purchase the castile soap at Kroger or online.)

Hot dogs and lunchmeats - most contain additives/colorings that aren't good for those with digestive issues. These hot dogs and lunchmeats work great.

Extracts/Flavorings (The alcohol usually has a synthetic petroleum base even though it is labeled gluten-free.)

Food colorings (Most are labeled gluten-free but many are derived from coal tar and/or petroleum. Here is a related article.)

Medications (Lots of pharmaceutical medications contain ingredients derived from food allergens. Here is a list of ingredients that might help you.)


We started using Colloidal Silver for our antibiotic and coconut oil for almost everything else. Of course, this isn't the most expensive coconut oil but it works great for just about anything and it is non-gmo. So, we keep it on hand all the time.

Beware of pesticides and regular cleaners for your house. Most of them have ingredients that are derived from petroleum. But I'll have to save that for another post where I can go more in-depth with the info.

Just remember - No More Chap-Stick - or anything that has petroleum or petrolatum!! It's a must for anyone with digestive issues or autoimmune problems.

I hope this helps you find a solution to those symptoms that just keep showing up for no apparent reason. 


I'd love to hear your ideas about this issue!!

Have you had any effects related to petroleum-based products?

Does the symptoms of the Celiac or IBS get worse?

How about food coloring and/or flavoring?


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