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Simple Ways to Detox Your Home

Have you ever wondered about the chemicals and allergens in your house? This hit me hard after I began feeling really horrible about four and half  years ago. A year later, our oldest daughter, Elisabeth,  started getting sick. At the same time, our middle child - Sarah, began hacking and feeling exhausted all the time. We didn't know what was going on! It was then that I began researching the common allergens and chemicals within our home to see what I could find. 

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I learned a lot more than I asked for - I started panicking!! I wanted to live in a bubble but I knew that was impossible so I did the next best thing - I began systematically eliminating chemicals and toxins within our house. It's not easy but it will dramatically change how you feel.  A few of us ladies have come together to help others learn about the hidden chemicals in our homes. To get us started, Carol Trimmer at Pure Living Space has put together a list of 23 different things that will help us create a healthier home environment - all the way from switching to beeswax candles, to using glass storage containers, to replacing your dryer sheets. 

23 Ways detox home

It is a bit overwhelming to change everything at once so it's best to take small steps at first. It has taken our family about 2 years - and we are still working on it. 

One of the first things that I switched was our laundry detergent. Yes, that contains a ton of weird stuff and who knows where it is derived. That information isn't usually listed. So, watch out for the labeling. Even if you are a "label-reader" like me - according to the EPA - the manufacturer is not required to list every single ingredient in that product. That is a major problem for anybody wanting to stay healthy!! Again, Carol Trimmer over at Pure Living Space says to forget the label. The label is no guarantee for a healthy product. It's best to try to avoid anything that says "natural." Most of the time that's a red flag since using the word "natural" is a great marketing strategy.



Since incorrect labeling is a major problem, I decided to start finding healthier alternatives - like soap nuts. Why buy a chemical-laden detergent when God has already provided a completely natural product that works just as well? These nuts are the shells of berries from the soapberry tree. They contain saponin which is a natural soap that is released when the nuts absorb water. These things are amazing!!! They even take out the laundry stains from toddlers! Beth Martin at Small Bites Wellness has a lot to say about the cleaning power of these little nuts. 



Another toxic problem is having antiperspirant/deodorant. Most deodorants are laden with a ton of chemicals. Just the aluminum in the deodorant is enough to overload the body. That doesn't include the other ingredients that can't be pronounced. haha  At a young age of 13, I began feeling little knots under my arms and they would hurt and ache so bad. Sometimes, I would have sharp pains that went all the way to my fingertips. I never knew what was wrong back then - but now I know that my lymph nodes were overburdened with a bunch of nasty chemicals. Those chemicals were probably messing with my Endocrine system as well. Megan Slocum over at Whole Natural Life shows how it's possible to use deodorant without all the gunk. Milk of Magnesia is a great alternative and the bonus is that it won't make you feel horrible. 



Lastly, everyone needs an immune booster from this overload of chemicals and toxins that we encounter each day. These man-made substances weigh heavily on our body's everyday functions. That is part of the reason we experience stress and anxiety as well as colds and allergies. Our bodies weren't made for these types of toxins. I always keep a bottle of Elderberry Syrup in our medicine cabinet for anytime we need an immune boost - just to give us that extra lift where we won't get sick. Susannah Shmurack at Healthy, Green, Savvy explains the different ways we can use elderberries. Plus, elderberries are fun to pick - our kids love the syrup!! 



These are a few of the ways to reduce the toxins in our homes. It might be a rather slow process but it can be done. The results are so rewarding!! Our family can feel the difference even though many times it is an "uphill" battle. Family and friends might think it absolutely crazy but your family will feel so much better. Even the small things will make a big difference - like switching laundry detergents or using a healthier deodorant. Have fun and watch the change - it's truly amazing!!!

Have you started this journey to a better health?

What's the first thing you removed?

Did it help you feel better or worse?

I would love to chat a while and see what works for you!♥

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