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Why We Switched To Reusable Pads?



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Let me start off - this is something I never dreamed I would ever do - switch to reusable pads. When I left home, I was done with all things natural or anything country but then real life happened and completely changed my way of thinking. 

The first time our oldest daughter, Elisabeth,  came to me and showed me the Pink Lemonade website I thought it was crazy and gross and figured we could sidestep the whole idea of reusable pads. The thought of washing them  - yyyuuuukkkk!!


Another month passed and we were having the same problems - that continual burning and itching. I figured it was a yeast infection so decided we should just take a stronger probiotic and eat more fresh garlic. But there was one question. Why did she continue to experience such horrible cramps every month? Was this normal? As a kid, I never had it this bad. And what's up with having an upset stomach or throwing up every time a cycle happens? 

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Of course during that whole time, our oldest daughter had been looking at the cute pads at Pink Lemonade. She had also been researching all the chemicals it takes to manufacture the disposable pads. It never crossed my mind that the disposable pads could cause such horrible allergic reactions. I figured all those symptoms were stemming from her having Celiac and IBS. But as I continued to read, my eyes began to see why Elisabeth, our oldest, had been feeling so bad. 

So, to convince myself, I decided to try all the different brands in Wal-Mart to make sure that I wasn't imagining things. Our poor daughter got so tired of trying so many brands - all to no avail - she still had the same problems!!!! The result of that experiment is that all of the ones we tried had residue of some form of chemicals. By that time, she was totally miserable and I was at my wit's end. 



The next step was to make our own reusable pads. I didn't think we had the money to buy the ones from Pink Lemonade.  Since we are on a tight budget, I knew we couldn't order the total number of pads we needed to cover a full month's cycle. Our daughter was so desperate that she decided to make her own.  It is a bit of a lifestyle change - but what are you to do when your daughter needs help and nothing works at the regular store?

We tried handmade ones but guess how long they took to dry? - about 2 hours - and I'm not kidding!! They were way too thick to dry in a normal length of time. 

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This is when we began collecting our stash of reusable pads from Pink Lemonade. I knew it could be done but it would just take a while. So every payday - we order several more pads. 

And guess what? Our daughter isn't having the hard cramps like she used to experience!! All the itching and burning is gone!!!! Seriously - it wasn't a yeast infection - I believe it has a direct connection with all the chemicals that are in the disposable pads. 

Can you imagine what it does to your insides as the chemicals are absorbed into your skin? That's a very sensitive area! No wonder us women are getting cancer in our "woman parts" and our hormones are like a roller coaster!!

Well, that made me a believer - God shows us things in the strangest ways. And sometimes we don't want to listen until we prove it ourselves. When the evidence is there, you can't deny it. And I had the evidence sitting there staring me in the face every month- our daughter. 

So, now I am starting my own stash of reusable pads and buying them for our other daughter as well. We absolutely love the pads from Pink Lemonade. They are so cute!!! It takes a bit to actually step out and just do it - but once you've tried the reusable pads you will never go back to the disposables. They are so comfy and they're very resistant to staining.  I love the idea of wearing something pretty during that time of the month.  hehe


Have you tried reusable pads? 

If so, what did you think of them?

Did you like them?

I'd love to answer any questions you might have about these types of pads. ♥


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