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Is It A Duck Egg Or A Chicken Egg?


It's such a beautiful morning here at the Baker house. It's been raining lightly without a lot of thundering and lightening. I just love the weather. Well, I'm getting ready for breakfast and guess what? I really want a chicken egg this morning and not a duck egg. But every once in a while, my "egg lady" gets them mixed up. That's my dilemma since we have a child that is highly allergic to chicken eggs.

Yes, that would be terrible!! Have you ever tried to cook without eggs? Exactly - the food doesn't come out the same. So, by all means, let's not run out of duck eggs.

But how do I tell the difference between the two eggs? Well, here's how I learned . . . . .

The size of the egg can usually tell you that it's not a chicken egg. It's going to be a bit larger than the average chicken egg. But, not all duck eggs are larger. One week, my "egg lady" gave me eggs that were the exact same size as a chicken egg. I even had to call her and make sure she hadn't accidently switched them.

Duck eggs are very messy. The mud and goop sticks to the shell so bad. They look terrible in my fridge since we don't wash them beforehand. Washing the eggs seem to mess up that protective coating which makes them ruin faster.  So, I try to keep the eggs enclosed and away from foods that will be eaten raw. Ducks love to play in the mud so their eggs come out really dirty.

The hardness of the shell is another factor that's pretty easy to see. You will have to hit the shell of the egg really hard to get it to crack open. Chicken eggs seem so fragile after working with duck eggs.


Smell the egg. It shouldn't smell anything like a chicken egg. Duck eggs have a slightly sweet smell when compared with chicken eggs. In my opinion, I think chicken eggs really stink bad. haha  There is no sweet smell - at all - when you take a whiff of a raw chicken egg.

When you try to whip the yolk, it should feel and look almost like school glue - like Elmer's. That's the consistency you should see except it should have a yellow color instead of white like glue. It should be so gunky that it's hard to get off the spoon when you're mixing it up.

Most duck eggs have very little whites. You will see this huge yolk with hardly any white around it. When you see this, you know it's definitely a duck egg.

It's really hard to find the chalaza in a duck egg. Of course, that name is way too hard to remember. So, we call  it the "loogie" in the egg. Isn't that a lot easier to remember - since it looks just like one? Why make life so difficult? hahaha

By the way, duck eggs are very alkaline. They are completely opposite from chicken eggs. Even though they are both eggs, they give your body a completely different reaction. Chicken eggs are acid-forming. This is why it is best for people with lots of inflammation to stay away from chicken eggs. They will only make your body produce more inflammation.


And I almost forgot, my husband hates eating duck eggs because of their rubbery texture when they are scrambled or fried. They have a unique feel to them. I personally don't mind it if I whip up the egg really good. But everyone is different so I wouldn't go out and purchase a whole dozen of duck eggs just to use for breakfast unless you have tried one.

I hope these differences help you to never confuse a duck egg with a chicken egg during your cooking adventures. Ducks eggs are so much better to use in baking. They make the batter lighter and fluffier so they are perfect for gluten-free cooking. Honeyville Almond Flour is the best flour I have found for baking with duck eggs. Here is one of the recipes I use that always comes out delicious!! Our kids love these cookies!! Have fun with your baking!!!!

How do you use duck eggs? 

Do you like to only bake with them?

How about finding them in your area? 

We'd love for you to drop in and chat a bit!! ♥♥

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