Simple Salmon Patties

Friday, October 21, 2016


Gluten-FreeDo you ever want to cook something really tasty for the family but time just doesn't permit thawing and waiting , and then trying to cut meat when it's half-frozen??? That was my dilemma!! I had no idea what to cook and didn't have time to thaw anything out!!!

So, I ran for the pantry and found what I always keep in case of an emergency!! Wasn't this an emergency??? I had to feed these hungry mouths - and pretty soon!!! It couldn't take 2 hours to cook it!!!

I found two large cans of Salmon!!!! These are like a life-saver!!! Every family needs to keep canned Salmon in their pantry - just in case an emergency happens!! It requires no cooking and contains lots of protein. This reminds me of my great-grandmother. She had 12 kids and somehow she could take a can of Salmon - manage to stretch it and feed the whole family. She knew how to survive on a bit of nothing!!

Well, back to getting this job finished before everyone starves!!! hehe 

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You will first want to open both cans and pour them into a pretty big bowl. I dissect mine and take out most of the bones. I know bones are good calcium but the crunch really gets on my nerves. So, if you like the texture with the bones just leave 'em in there. After I debone both cans, I crumble up the meat really well. Now, it's time to start cutting and adding!!!

I first start warming the water for the egg substitute. Our daughter is allergic to chicken eggs so I either have to use duck eggs or an egg substitute. This time I'm using the Ener-G Egg Replacer. Sometimes, I use two flax eggs. This time, I'm make enough egg substitute for two eggs. 


Next, measure out 2/3 of a cup of Brown Rice Flour or Gluten-Free Flour Blend and 2/3 of a cup of Cornmeal. Pour that on top of the Salmon. Then you will add 1 cup of chopped Cilantro and 4 Green Onions. I love my handy-dandy garlic mincer for these types of recipes. I bought mine from Pampered Chef and it works better than any other garlic press. Anyway, throw in 8 cloves of minced garlic and some salt and pepper to taste. 

To finish it out, I add between 1 1/2 to 2 cups of non-dairy milk. Mix all these ingredients together. You want it to have a thicker consistency where it's easy to pick up and form patties. They can be a little squishy but not too much. 


Most of the work is over now - we just have to fry them and -waalaa - we can eat!!!! My favorite oil for frying is olive oil since it has a higher flame point than coconut oil. I like to fry the patties between 5 to 8 minutes on each side. The crispier the better is the way I prefer them - but if you don't like all the crispiness, just fry them a bit less . After a few minutes of frying, drain them on an unbleached paper towel or draining rack. 

Everyone likes these so much that I had to add this recipe to my weekly menu plan. These are even great snacks throughout the day for those hungry teenagers. Have fun and enjoy!!!

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Do you like Salmon patties??

What veggies do you eat with Salmon??

Do your kids like them??


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