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Migraines - Stop The Pain!!

Have you ever had a headache that just won't  go away??? It just gets worse and worse!!! The pain shoots from the back of the eyes to the temples, down the jaw and around the ear - spreading down the neck and into the shoulders. Now the whole head is pounding!!! Even the slightest noise feels like the sound of a gong in your head - and then the nausea starts!!!! Oh, and heaven forbid we turn on any lights - the pounding just gets harder!!!!!

For several years, I have endured these types of headaches. I tried Tylenol - nope - that didn't work. The headache wouldn't go away!! It just mellowed the pain a bit. Next, I tried Excedrin Migraine. It took away the pain but I felt a bit tipsy.  I felt really weird - my head felt like it floated above my body. Yes, I know!! It sounds crazy but that's how I felt. I couldn't handle that two or three times a week - every time a got a headache. I still had to function and take care of kids so that definitely wouldn't work.

My husband then offered me some of his Aleve. Wow!!! That really knocked my socks off!!!!! That stuff made me feel worse than tipsy - I thought I was high on something. Nope!! Nope!!! Nope!!!! If high on drugs makes you feel anything like that - I would definitely pass!! It was terrible!!! Until it wore off, I couldn't even function as a mother.

So, next I started taking Ibuprofen. I liked the way it quickly took away the pain but it somehow was messing with my heart. About 20 minutes after I swallowed the pills, my heart would go to palpitating so bad. I tried it 3 or 4 times thinking that it was just me imagining strange things. No, I wasn't imagining!! I even felt very weak at the same time. It was like either my blood sugar was dropping really fast or my blood pressure was dropping. My arms and legs felt like they could hardly move!!! It was then that I decided it would be better to find another option that wouldn't tax my heart or make my body feel so weird.

This is when I learned about essential oils and how well they work!

My friend had just started using essential oils and recommended that I give them a try. I couldn't believe how fast my headache disappeared!!! I seriously love Past Tense essential oil blend!!! It contains all the oils I need to find relief. I never leave the house with it!!! The kids always know where to find the headache medicine whenever they start feeling bad. It's like a permanent part of my purse. hehe

When I have a serious migraine, I couple the essential oils with the Migraine Relief from Hyland's. This usually kicks the Migraine completely. The Hyland's Migraine Relief cuts the nausea and motion sickness that goes along with these types of headaches. If I don't have the Migraine Relief I use Magnesium Phosphorica #8  from Hyland's Homeopathic. Mag Phos works really good especially at the onset of a headache. I also use Kali Phos as well. You usually can pick these up from most Health Food Stores.

I also use the essential oils separately if I don't have the blend on hand. Here are the best oils for headaches:

  • Wintergreen                         (natural analgesic - helps to relieve pain)

  • Lavender                              (helps to relieve nervous tension & pain)

  • Peppermint                         (has a wonderful cooling effect & helps with sore muscles)

  • Frankincense                      (helps take away inflammation which many times causes headaches)

  • Cilantro                                (great to help with heavy metal detox)

  • Marjoram                            (great for helping to eliminate all types of pain, inflammation, and even stress)

  • Roman Chamomile           (helps to eliminate anxiety and stress)

  • Basil                                     (helps to fight fatigue as well as sore muscles)

  • Rosemary                            (wonderful to help with anxiety, stress, and mental clarity)

The Ease Cream by Plexus is also wonderful for any form of pain. Our daughter started using it for the pain she has in her joints due to Celiac and gluten issues. One day several months ago, I was having a horrible migraine and I had ran out of the Past Tense blend. So, she brought me her Ease Cream instead. Wow!! It really helped drive the pain away!! That day, I had to use the Mag Phos paired with the Ease Cream since that's all I had. It actually worked! So, I try to keep at least two of these products on hand just in case I feel a Migraine starting. It's always better to treat a Migraine when it begins than to wait until you get dizzy and nauseated. I even keep some of these in my purse that way I can start applying even when I'm away from the house. These products work wonders for me so I hope they will help you as well.

Cheers to good health and no pain!!!

Do you have terrible headaches?

What do you take when you get a Migraine?

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